Reoccurring Cleaning

Looking for a quick start to your routine? Reoccurring cleaning may be what you’re looking for.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 weeks, monthly, three months, 6 months, and yearly.

Weekly Services work well for people who have pets. It is so nice to have the dog hair under the couch taken care of for you.

Cat hair building up? We can help with that.

Bi-Weekly Having the house back to reset every two weeks is an ideal schedule for people with busy schedules with or without children. It is so nice to not worry about scrubbing the tubs or the toilets.

Getting back that quality time with your family is priceless.

Three Weeks Every two weeks to much? Don’t have children? This may be the schedule for you.

We also offer Monthly, Three Months, 6 Months, and Yearly service. Contact us for details.

Questions about a cleaning schedule or have a specific schedule in mind call us now to talk about it or .