When you are not strong enough God is…

God is not a careless God. If something is difficult in your life it is there for a reason, we may never know the reason, or we may learn the reason later- but have faith that there is a reason. When you feel you are not strong enough rely on Gods limitless strength. Be bold, be brave do not think but do what the Lord asks of you. Do not forget to consult God in difficulties. Before, during and after. God is always there. Do not fear anything because if the Lord is with us who can be against us.

Love Always,


Dear Lord,

Thank you for your limitless strength that you offer to all of us if only we call upon it. Thank you for family. Thank you for the freedom and peace you offer. Please guide me through tomorrow and through this season in my life and thank you for this season in my life, I think I understand what you want me to do and I am grateful for it. I realize not everyone gets the opportunity to do what I get to do and I will cherish these times forever and raise up my son in your name. I am trying to make you proud, I am trying to do better and to learn more but sometimes I feel weak sometimes I don’t do the right thing and sometimes I worry thank you for being with me always and loving me regardless this fact brings me great comfort. Thank you for the time I got to spend with my amazing sister today please give her strength to continue to care for her little ones, she is so brave and please make sure she knows this. Thank you for my nephew being such a loving older cousin to me beloved baby and thank you for Jazzy’s tenderness she is full of love and I can see it already. Thank you for Dionte and all that he does to make sure my sister is taken care of. Thank you for Kimmy and all that she does for our family and thank you for Gonzo for taking care of Kim. Most of all thank you for my Curron, he makes me so happy and feel so appreciated and is my rock and thank you for my baby boy who brings me so much joy and gives me immediate purpose. Thank you for my parents and Curron’s parents and family and teniece and her beloved baby.


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