Today was a physically exausting day

So much to do in so little time is what my mind says. The lord says only worry about what you can do in the here and now. So what did I do. I cleaned the fridge, vacuumed the stairs, cleaned two bathrooms top to bottom, swept and mopped the floors along with a few other menial chores. How extraordinarily lucky am I to have a house to clean. A washing machine and dryer to wash my clothes and a room to rent out.

We are getting ready to have a room mate move in the bottom floor of our house. So lots of preparations have been in place for a long while, until now we have been so lucky to have the house to ourselves. It is bittersweet things in the home repair department are coming to a close, but no matter there is still the back yard.

The point is over this year o….r longer period of time, I have learned many things- To not try and speed Gods pace, there is a reason and timing for everything and it is best to live in the moment and not worry about the past or the present. In the beginning I worried very much about things getting done and being on a schedule. There came a time when I gave up caring at all. Both not very good places to be.Then there was a time where I was some what in the middle in a good place between too much and too little. I worried about what I could do that day, that moment and was able to get things done. We were able to plan but learn to give ourselves grace if our checklist was not all the way marked off for the day and even now things are still not done and tomorrow is Mothers Day and our room mate is going to start bringing stuff over.

But I am not worried. God has a plan and I tried my hardest to do what I could today.

I am thankful for this home he has given us.

If you are tired look to the Lord for some R&R. Read the bible and let the Lord restore you to energy levels of years before.

Love Always,


P.S I did get to plant some lovely flowers 🙂 Today was a good day. Happy Saturday people.

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