There are no problems only opportunities

“Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world. The things in this world are all fading away even the things that people crave, things seen are temporary things unseen live forever.”

To trust in the Lord means to know that everything the good the bad and the ugly are used for the greater good. Even problems we have, these are only opportunities to lean into the Lord more.

We need Christ to give us strength, do not try and be independent as the world would lead you to believe but instead be obedient to what the Lord wants from you, there may be resistance to this but it is the road to happiness and peace do not give into temporary pleasures over you happiness in the long run.

Instead of having the mind set, Why me? Greet difficulties with a smile and thanks at the opportunity to grow in character for you will be rewarded.

and remember do not stress and no not fret if this does not come easy to you its doesn’t for most we all face difficulties tailored to our personal journey.

“Worry is the place where negatives are developed.”

Do not be a fan but a follower do not think, but do what the Lord wants. We all have in our hearts what this is from our sea with in.

Love Always,


Dear Lord,

Thank you for my problems for they are 1st world problems. Thank you for the roof over my head, the ground beneath my feet and the food in my belly. Thank you for the fellowship of my soul sisters from church. Bless them all. Give them strength and good health and wisdom to lead their households in the right direction and to hold hands with the ones they love when they need it. Thank you for my family even if they feel distant help me become closer to them and to heal broken relationships. Thank you for my beloved family that you have created for me. IT is an honor to be Dazain’s mother and I will do everything in my power to raise him up for your good and to lead him to the light. Thank you for my life partner Curron, he gives me strength and makes me a better person. He brings joy to me everyday and takes care of myself and our son so well. We are happy and we love you. Please help me become closer to you and please guide me for sometimes I feel confused and small and unsure of myself. I know that with out you I am nothing so help me to become something for your pleasure.


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