PSALM 119:105

” Your word is a lamp to my feet and a ight for my path.” PSALM 119:105

The Lord guides us so we must follow, he is so good that he has given us free will we are free to choose our destiny. Choose the righteous path for it is the most fulfilling and peace laid path.

The secret to being happy is to live in thanksgiving.

I have found that the more thankful I am the happier I can be. I have also found it easy to forget my thankfulness and begin to take things for granted when I do not seek God in everyday in every second.

I have also found that it gets easier to acknowledge my ungratefulness the more I practice thankfulness. The sooner we realize we are being ungrateful and feel the darkness creeping in the sooner we can walk back to the light. It is easy to step into the light just look around and understand that everything all of your possessions belong to the Lord and were given to you by the Lord.

It is hard to understand and comprehend how lucky we are to see the dawning of each new day when you focus on the things seen and forget about the things unseen.

We are not meant to worship things but to give glory to God.

I have also found that it is not enough to love the Lord every once in a while but in order to be our best selves we must work at it constantly we must become obsessed with the Lord and his love and you must be patient yet we must be active in getting to know the Lord better. Speaking and praying with him is a great start but it is only a start, buy your selves a devotional, “Jesus Calling” and dedicate time to him every day to read his word and immerse your self in learning more about him.

The difference between an acquaintance and a friend is how much time you spend with them and the effort you put into learning about them. The Lord desires to be our best friend.

The world is our classroom his lessons are every where is beauty right in front of us so enjoy it enjoy every second of it. Actively seek the Lord and your life will begin to change, for the better.

Beat your resistance against him and step into the light, you and your family deserve it.

Love Always,


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