Let go of your shame and find your purpose

God made us all unique, there is not another you out there, he made our strengths and he made our weaknesses. He made us exactly the way we are and he loves us no matter what. If you are feeling far from God, do not turn away from him because he never turns away from you but instead draw close to him.

What does this look like? This looks like reading the bible, reading a devotional, being thoughtful in your prayers, living as if everything you do is for him and the list goes on. There is so much that we can do to please God, you may look at the “list” of things we aren’t supposed to do and think oh this is a big rule book but really think of all the things that you can do and if you are for God than who can be against you?

If your feeling distant you could be the reason for this distance. Instead of wondering why this is the case open up your bible, open up to a friend, join a group. I think it is so important to talk to God and to talk about God, it is not often in this society that we feel we can share our true feelings, we often feel ashamed and scared of who we are, but take comfort in that we are all human, God created us exactly how we are and we where made with a purpose, what a beautiful thing to have purpose and what an even more beautiful to have the freedom to find it. “God gives perfect peace to those who remain firm in their purpose and put there trust in him.”

What does this look like?  You may not know your purpose, you might never know but one thing I know is that your purpose can be to live for the Lord.

And what does this look like?

It is a step by step, day by day, moment by moment ADVENTURE. Do not be weary, do not become stale and ungrateful, Jesus died for our sins and that in it self is enough to be thankful for.

He died so that we may live and live ABUNDANTLY.

So be happy, smile God does not want us to feel guilt or shame he wants us filled with love and light, he is a Good God, A GREAT GOD and he takes pleasure in his people, he takes pleasure in you.

Love Always,


P.S Today I learned it is good to pray specific prayers. So Dear Lord I am So thankful for my baby’s happy disposition, his smile and love is contagious not just to me and his father but to all those who meet and are around him. Thank you lord for Curron’s constant support and for never giving up on me. Thank you for the strong , brave, beautiful ladies of the Church group that are coming together to become better and to know you deeper and want to let go of shame, please give us the strength to be honest not only with ourselves, but each other and always with you in that we may grow and learn and have wisdom to have a better life and a stronger relationship with you. And thank you Lord for my friend, mentor Cathy who loves me unconditionally.


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