Happy Mothers Day!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for another day. It was one of the best days, I will cherish the memories made today till the end. My day was filled with joy, love and people. Life is about the simple things the things we normally take for granted and I thank you Lord for giving me this wisdom. I thank you for the hard times because they have allowed me to appreciate the good ones even more. I am learning to let go and let you take control of my life and it is the best way to live. My life and heart are filled with peace. I want to look for what you are doing in my life, always. Help me not to miss the path but to remain on it and never stray. Thank you for blessing my family with such good news today and keeping my sister safe and secure. You are so good to us. Thank you for allowing us to have our family’s together and to have children so close in age to one another that they will grow up together and make wonderful childhood memories and bring us all together. Please continue to help Curron and I grow spiritually and become closer and closer to you that we may know exactly how to raise Dazain up for your glory and for your purpose. Thank you for my mother and thank you for my father. Thank you for all the mothers and all the fathers out there. But most of all thank you for making me a mother.



My life as a testament  when you try to go against Gods will things are tough they don’t really feel right and when you give up your life to God and go with his flow and his way you are filled with his spirit and his peace and joy. Jesus died for our sins and that we may live and not just live but live! A life full of joy and happiness. Do not take this for granted. If there are hard times look for chances to grow to change and to better your self. Always remember this to shall pass and God is always with you by your side holding your hand when you need it, do not forget this if you need his loving hand it is always there all you have to do is ask. Do not be afraid to speak with him and tell him your fears. For he will be there to help you through; perfect love casts away all fear and he is perfect love.

I have changed my ways admitted my sins and taken the road to a better life a life God designed for me, I matter to him and YOU matter to him. You are no accident and  you are here for a reason. Be bold and brave and do what the Lord asks of you for you will be rewarded but do not do things just to be rewarded but do them out of love for our Father. You have a purpose but it is up to you to find it, it is not a one step process but more of a step by step process, it is not easy but it is simple, let go and let God, do everything for him, the Lord takes pleasure in his people and he takes pleasure in you.

Live for today, live for the moment, live for God. Give thanks and you will ALWAYS be happy.

Love Always,


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