About me

My name is Savannah Feist. I have had a life long interest in human behavior and took my first psychology class though an advanced placement program in my high school. Adolescence is a time of incredible growth, change and challenge. My teachers, mentors and coaches where a huge part in my development and I still recall the things that they taught me then and they still apply to my life today.

My Education

I received my Associates of Arts and Transferred to Eastern Washington where I took a course load focused on general psychology and business.

I graduated with my BA in psychology and took my talents to a local social work program where I worked with high school aged teens. My main population was that of teens with special needs. It was an amazing eye opening time in my life. My teens taught me how to be patient and think out side of the box when creating goals and life plans. I would frequently visit other group homes of behaviorally challenged kids and learned how important it really is to have positive role models and positive outlets in life early on.

Through my education I have determined a successful coaching program should be: solution focused, strength based, action orientated, provide confidence and clarity and really work on moving forward and not dwelling on our past decisions but rather learning from them and doing better.

My Passion

My passion in life is people. I enjoy helping people and improving quality of life. So whether you are looking for coaching for your self, your children or just need a hand around the house. I invite you to contact me with any questions you have. Hope to hear from you soon. May you dream of beautiful things and wake to find them true!

Through my education I have learned to hone in my skills and develop programs to help other people excel in their lives as well. I attended Bellevue College where I was the captain of my volleyball team for the two years I was there. Team sports is a great way of developing leader ship skills and communication and was an amazing outlet for me to practice creating goals for myself and my team together we worked towards achieving and surpassing our goals. Todays life can be stressful and overwhelming especially for young ladies and I believe it is important to help women empower women and provide positive outlets for stress management.

I have always loved giving back to my community and the people involved in my life. Friends often confided to me when they where struggling or even when they are doing well, I have always been there to lend an ear to listen. I think it is important to have people in your life who are compassionate and can help you replace negative thoughts and actions with a more positive way of living and self love.

Best regards, Savannah Feist
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